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When visiting classrooms, specifically to teach agriculture, I was awakened to the reality that we desperately need more opportunities and resources to learn about science and agriculture.”

Traci Curry, NM Agriculture in the Classroom

Know Ag seeks to provide resources and AGtivities (as we like to call them) that:

  • Facilitate a better understanding of agriculture and natural resources.
  • Use materials that are readily available, easy to use, and hopefully free or at the very least, inexpensive.
  • Help make connections to “the experts in their field”.
  • Offer ways to extend learning to accommodate more learners/learning styles.
  • Grow curiosity and scientific investigation.
  • Are fun and engaging.

Who Will Grow Our Future? We are here to help more students get interested in careers in agriculture and natural resources. We need to get more students excited about agriculture. Many youngsters have a love of nature. Just ask them how many loved playing in the dirt or have an interest in insects. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, we are not doing enough to keep the initial spark kindled.

Now More Than Ever Before: U. S. farmers and ranchers now represent less than 2% of our current population. They are also getting older. Farming and ranching isn’t a job you can easily step into. Training usually starts as soon as you can walk in many farm families. It is also a tough job with many risks such as weather and market fluctuations. Successful agriculture is also dependent on many professions, not just farming and ranching. It takes science and research to develop better and new sustainable technologies.

How do we get students interested in growing our future and how do we grow better in the future?

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New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom (NMAITC) is a non-profit educational outreach program. The purpose of NMAITC is to educate the general public, with an emphasis on K-12 students and educators, about the importance of agriculture.

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