Breakfast with Brit : “Pollinators at the Table”

For those of you who have not seen our Facebook page on Wednesdays (specifically around 9am), it’s safe to say you’re missing out on some really good stuff in your life. New breakfast recipes to try with your family, mini ag lessons, free resources, nutrition facts and jokes that will make even your dog crack up in laughter are now available. If you HAVE seen it, I hope that you’re able to enjoy the light-hearted fun and realness that I (Britney) share with you, as viewers. Consider this “Blog # 1 of Many” for the Breakfast with Brit series.

The intended purpose of these weekly Facebook Live videos is to provide a continued connection with our community of teachers and students that we’re missing so much, due to the social distancing measures from COVID-19. In wanting to ensure to everyone that Traci and I are very much still around and eager to get connected with YOU in any way we can, I wanted to create a moment during the week where we could focus on something that was informative, entertaining and factual, yet present a face of “we’re all in this together, so let’s find something to be grateful for & share a good laugh” type of feel. Sidenote: after watching the facebook video, feel free to reach out and provide constructive criticism or ideas for an upcoming episode. I’m always wanting to improve, so honest and supportive feedback is always encouraged.

Within this series, my mission is to have it chock full of different topics related to agriculture and how you, at home, can still have great learning opportunities take place all the while enjoying a very delicious and nutritious breakfast. I dive into the nutritional value of the breakfast ingredients, share with you where some products grown throughout New Mexico, as well as provide you with a set of resources for you to continue on the knowledge adventure I take you on in my home.

Did you know?

Bees pollinate 95 different crops, helping to create nearly one-third of the world’s food supply.

Honey Bees: A Pollination Simulation (Click the link to learn more fun facts and bee vocabulary.)


Well, if that wasn’t enough honey to satisfy your “sweet tooth” for that hankering of all things pollinators, check out this clip: Amazing Time-Lapse: Bees Hatch Before Your Eyes.

Now that you’ve had your fill and are totally stuffed from both a delicious breakfast and all that information, here are some helpful links to nibble on throughout the rest of your visit on this blog that we were able to pass along during the FB live feed (publications, lessons, & multimedia):

📚Lessons (with AGtivities) that connect to pollinators & our food!

Although the education process has changed a bit, we are here to support teachers (and parents, alike) make sure that their kids are still getting in those hands-on learning opportunities.

The Cowboy Quiche – Pioneer Woman Recipe is a yummy one! Have some fun with it … make it a math lesson by doubling the recipe and sharing with a neighbor or group of people you appreciate! Now is a great time to show people you care. Don’t have enough ingredients? You can then cut the recipe in half to make a smaller individual serving! 

Enjoy the quiche and remember, these times at home that you have with your family are precious moments of them growing up that you may not have experienced otherwise (it’s the hidden blessing that I have found from COVID-19). When we get back into the “real world” pace of life we will pick up and go really fast and everyone will get plugged back into work/sports/church/etc. Treasure these moments with your kids.

Until Next Time,

Britney Lardner

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