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Director: Traci Curry loves working behind the scenes, is farm raised, & has been in education 20 years.

Coordinator: Britney Lardner is well equipped for this position. She loves turning food recipes into a learning experience, holds a special place for ag teachers in her heart, always has a good ag joke in her left boot, keeps her master’s in agriculture degree in her back pocket & has been an avid consumer all her life.”

Welcome to the Know Ag Blog!

Thank you for your interest in agriculture. If you are reading this then you are wondering who is behind this educational blog and that tells us you are one smart cookie!

We do not claim to be “experts”, as those are few in agriculture due to the sheer vastness of the field. One person can spend his or her entire life never learning everything there is to know about a particular crop or livestock animal. We do however know how to connect with the specialists who are more than happy to share their passion and knowledge, as well as answer our questions.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

― Albert Einstein

Why do we love agriculture? There is always something to learn in agriculture and it is filled with exciting innovations as well as real world problems to solve. Our goal through this blog is to not only educate but to inspire. We hope to glean more of the curious minded problem solvers and help them to see the possibilities in a career in the agricultural and natural resource sciences!

We are educators. We want to find great ways to learn and feed our naturally curious minds! Therefore, we encourage you to question everything and look at it from different perspectives. Thank you for joining us on this life long journey and taking the time to appreciate those people and processes that help make it all possible.

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